%100 Natural Bentonite Cat Litter

Premium Cat Litter

ProArt® Natural Bentonite cat litter is 99.5% free of dust. It shows super clumping. Natural odor control. It is Easy to Clean. It has high water holding capacity. Keeps the container dry and clean. It provides economical consumption.

ProArt® cat litter is odorless and with 3 different scent options other than activated carbon, allowing your cat and you to live a happy home life.

Odor Control

Natural bentonite provides natural odor control thanks to its high liquid retention feature.

Strong Clumping

Thanks to its natural bentonite feature, it provides strong and fast clumping. You can take the clumped part and allow your cat to continue using the litter.

Clean Paws

It does not stick to your cat’s paw thanks to its 99.5% dust-free and fast and strong clumping. Your little friend’s paws always stay clean.

ProArt® Cat Litters