Feed them the best

The best raw materials offered by nature combined with the formulas of our nutritionists, resulting in ProArt® foods with its unique taste and superior nutrition.

Health from the sea

ProArt® Dry Foods contain super premium raw materials of marine origin. In addition to being a premium protein and fat source, it brings health and well-being with its bioactive compounds.


Mikro Algae


The best way to activate them

Get your little buddy moving with ProArt® Treat Sticks

90% Meat

They will adore this taste

ProArt® wet foods contain extra vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It does not contain artificial flavors, coloring and preservatives. For sensitive cats, our GRAIN-FREE content is also a good option.

No Artificial Flavor

No Colorants

No Preservatives

100% Natural bentonite

ProArt® 100% natural bentonite clumping cat litter ensures a happy home life for you and your little friend.

Odor Control

Strong Clumping

Clean Paws

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Professional Nutrition Art

ProArt® Foods are the product of the experience of a team of experts working on animal nutrition for many years. There is a wide scale that meets the nutritional needs of cats and dogs with its special ingredients and promises a healthy life and well-being with its functional components.

Health From The Sea

ProArt® Dry Foods contain super premium raw materials of freshwater and marine origin. They are naturally rich in nutritional and functional ingredients. In addition to being a premium protein and fat source, bringing health and well-being with their bioactive compounds.

Dry Food

They Will Adore This Taste

ProArt® complete and balanced wet food recipes are made using only proper meat and no grains whatsoever. So you can serve up a wholesome, nourishing meal to your beloved pet every single day. Your cuddly companion will definitely adore one of these delicious wet foods.

Wet Foods

The Best Way to Activate Them

ProArt® Treats contain 90% meat. It is produced with a formula developed separately for cats and dogs. Available in different sizes and a wide variety for large and small breed dogs and cats.


100% Natural Bentonite Cat Litter

ProArt® Cat Litters are composed of different scents that make your cat and its size naturally happy.

Cat Litters