They Will Adore This Taste

Premium Wet Foods

ProArt® complete and balanced wet food recipes are made using only proper meat and no grains whatsoever. So you can serve up a wholesome, nourishing meal to your beloved pet every single day. Your cuddly companion will definitely adore one of these delicious wet foods.

It is offered with different packaging options for different needs. You can find it in different flavors for puppies, adults and neutered cats and dogs.

ProArt® wet foods do not contain preservatives, sweeteners and colourants. It is also a good option for our little friends whose grain consumption is restricted with its grain-free series.

Ready to Serve

ProArt® Wet Foods are ready to serve. No cooking required. You can open the package and feed your little friend this delicious food right away.

Premium Protein Sources

Carefully selected protein sources are used in the content of ProArt® pet foods.

No Artificial Flavor

We do not use any artificial flavors that will threaten the health of your little friend.

No Colorants

It does not contain colorants that can harm your little friend.

No Preservatives

In long consumption, preservatives can harm the health of your little friend. That’s why we don’t use preservatives.

ProArt® Dog Wet Foods