About Us

ProArt® Food, introduced by Nektar Yem in 2019, is the product of the experience of a team of experts working in the field of pet nutrition and aquaculture for many years;

Our food, which we prepared specially for the pets of our factory and our friends, has reached high demands. The flavor and visible signs of health in our recipes spread by word of mouth.

We decided to invest in a new production line to deliver this unique flavor to all our friends. With more than a year of research, knowledge and experience, we created our new brand ProArt®.

In our business, whose founder and more than half of its staff are women, we show the same sensitivity we show to our children for the food of our friends.

While producing ProArt® Foods, we have blended the highest quality ingredients we have chosen with ingredients FROM THE SEA and produced them with great care, accompanied by scientific analysis of our technical team. For the quality criteria of the content we use, we have determined specifications according to both the European Union and our country’s standards.

We offer our delicious and high quality foods to our beloved pets.


Nektar Yem Limited Şirketi, which has the ProArt® brand under its roof, was established in 2001 to supply special and high quality feeds for small animals that are aquacultured. Combining our innovative approach with our technical knowledge and experience, we started the production of aquarium fish food and aquaculture fry food in 2009.

We focused on domestic and top quality productions with our “ArtAkua” brand aquarium food and our “Nektar” brand aquaculture fry fish food.

We have determined the satisfaction of our customers in our country and other countries to which we export as our top priority. In this direction, we do not compromise on our goal of continuously improving product reliability and quality, and our sensitivity to our team.