Project Description

Dry Food with Chicken for All Breed Kittens and Pregnant and Lactating Cats


Dry Food

ProArt® Kitten Food has the appropriate fiber content and specific additives to promote good digestion and reduce stool quantity and odour. It is a complete and balanced food formulated with premium protein sources. It contains all the nutrients your cat will need on a daily basis and powerful antioxidant compounds that support the immune system.

Dried Turkey and Chicken Proteins (40%), Corn, Whole Wheat, Rice (%8), Refined Poultry Fat, Pea Protein and Fiber, Steam Dried Anchovy, Krill Protein and Oil, Fish Protein Hydrolysate, Hydrolised Chicken Liver, Prebiotic Mannan-Oligosaccharides, Microalgae, Sodium Chloride, Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Taurine, Vitamins and Minerals, EU Approved Antioxidants.

Analytical Components

Protein 38%
Fat 18%
Fiber 2.5%
Ash 8%
Moisture 8%

ProArt® Kitten Food provides all nutritional needs of your cat. Our pet foods are formulated with high quality and digestible animal protein sources, and supplied with high PUFA and astaxanthin content of antartic qrill oil and anchovy. It provides strong bones, muscle and teeth, shiny coat, healthy skin and balanced nutrition.

These quantities are recommended approximate amounts. The exact amount of food can be adjusted according to physical activity and physiological situation of your cat and the environmental conditions.

Recommended consumption amounts are approximate recommended values. Depending on your cat’s physical activity, physiological condition and outdoor temperature, amounts above or below the specified values can be given to maintain its ideal weight.

Recommended Daily Feeding Amount

For Kittens After Weaning
Month Avarage Energy Need (kcal/day) Recommended
Daily Amount (g)
< 3 200 55
4 – 5 250 65
6 – 8 330 85
9 – 12 290 80
The transition from the previous food to ProArt® should be achieved gradually for the digestive system health of your cat. When feeding with the ProArt® for the first time, mix increasing amounts of ProArt® with decreasing amounts of the old food over a 7-day period. .

Day Previous Food ProArt®
1 – 2 755 25%
3 – 4 50% 50%
5 – 6 25% 75%
7 + 100%

Its multi-layer and metallized packaging has a high barrier feature against light, moisture and gases. Thanks to this feature, our food, which is produced without using any preservatives, maintains its first day freshness until the end of its shelf life. With its locked packaging, our foods always remain fresh even during use.

It is offered as 2 Kg and 12 Kg.

Strong Immunity and
Healthy Digestive System

Natural prebiotic fibers support the development of beneficial bacteria in the gut and help reduce the harmful effects of pathogens. Together with a healthy digestive system, the natural antioxidant ingredients supports your cat`s immune system.

Eye, Heart, Skin Health
and Shiny Feathers

With its balanced fatty acid and amino acid contents, and specially added taurine, astaxanthin and vitamin E, it supports heart, skin and vision health, and shiny coat.


ProArt® recipe is designed to meet the specific needs of growing kittens (after weaning to 12 months), and for pregnant or nursing cats. It is enriched with balanced minerals to promote healthy bone development of kittens. Suitable size of kibble and its texture is easy to chew, and healty for a kitten’s mouth and emerging teeth.

Healthy Pregnancy
and Lactation Period

It meets your cat’s nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation, contains DHA to support babies’ brain development during pregnancy. It improves your cat’s milk quality and efficiency in the postpartum period and supports the healthy development of its kittens.

It meets the special nutritional needs of your cat during pregnancy and lactation.

Nutrition guide for pregnant cats

Your pregnant cat’s food intake will gradually increase from the day her pregnancy begins until she is born. At the end of the pregnancy period, she will eat about 50% more food than her normal level. As long as you’re providing enough food, your cat will usually eat what he needs and stop when he’s had enough.

Since kittens need extra nutrients during their early developmental stages, it is similarly suitable for pregnancy feeding. We recommend that you gradually switch to kitten food from the fourth week of pregnancy.

Nutritional guide for your nursing cat

The only food source for kittens for the first eight weeks is breast milk. That’s why it’s so important to continue to feed your cat a high-quality food while breastfeeding. During lactation, your mother cat can eat up to four times her pre-pregnancy diet to stay strong!

Continue to feed your cat with our kitten food until the kittens are weaned. With additional nutritional supplements, high protein and calorie content, your mother cat will be happier and the kittens will be healthier.

Keeping the portion amount the same during the breastfeeding period and increasing the number of meals will help to provide the calorie value that should be taken. You can also increase her fluid intake by adding some water (wet or dry) to her food.

Your mother cat’s milk production will gradually stop about 6-8 weeks after birth. At this point, you can start slowly reducing your food intake until you return to your normal pre-pregnancy portions. A gradual transition to adult cat food should be made, as at the beginning of her pregnancy.